District Agricultural Office

Last Updated on: April 11, 2022


  • Overview

Agriculture is still the main occupation of a large number of the farmers of the CHARAIDEO district. The basic problems for the farmers are that area under irrigation is less and some of the area become waterlogged for whole the year. The main thrust of the district is to increase the profitability of the farmers by way of sustainable agriculture, and by judicious use of water. It is the need of the hour to go for the overall development of the farmers, rural youths and rural women by updating their knowledge level through various extension activities. This district has a wide range of cropping systems like Rice-Potato- Pulses, Rice - Pulses, Rice-Rice, Rice- Vegetables etc. The cropping intensity is 149 %.

Land use

The land put different uses in the district may be classified as forest, agriculture, wasteland etc. The following table gives the clear picture of the area of land put to different uses in the district.

Land use pattern of CHARAIDEO district:


Land put to different uses

Area in hectare


Fallow land



Net area sown



Total cropped area



Area sown more than once